Turning tables

Walnut table
Oak table parts

We have a parallel production of two tables underway in the shop aboard CAS at the moment.

First a large walnut table top to a client’s design, that will sit on a stainless steel frame that he is building himself. Lovely dark walnut, with the knots filled with epoxy, to be primed with injection epoxy and spray-painted with a soft silky transparent two-pack finish to bring out the deep colours of the wood.

As the other end of the spectrum, and the other end of the shop, a white oak table following a 1970’s design by Richard LaTrobe Bateman, inspired by monastery furniture. All angled mortise and tenon joints, bridle-jointed bearers and buttons, then finished with Skylt to look as close as possible to unfinished oak while protecting the light coloured wood.

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