With the restoration of the steel hull coming along nicely, the owners of this 1930’s motor launch asked us to put some more time intothe wood part of the project. We had already rebuilt the roof, using the original pine beams, so we turned our attention to the windscreen. Ther were some old bits to copy and a hinged bronze-framed window to go back. Once glued up we could take the screen to the boat and mock up the side screens to get the angles right. More tenon and mortise joinery to follow.

Wij waren ooit aan de opbouw van deze jaren 30 bakdekker begonnen, maar het staalwerk moest voor. We zijn nu een stap verder gegaan met een voorruit en hebben mallen gemaakt voor de zijramen. Nu nog een aantal pennen en gaten. 


  1. Fantastic work Andrew and Claudia! By the way, caught up with Willem and Jenette the other day at their new location. LOTS of work to do, but they are progressing well in just three weeks. Power, water, shower and working kitchen.

  2. Hello Ian and Lisette. I’m afraid your comments had disappeared in with all the spam. I’ve fished them out now. Thank you for reading our stuff.
    We’ve greatly enjoyed your travels through Belgium. We remember taking our barge up the old lifts while they were building the new lift at Strépy Thieu. It was 1998 and Claudia’s sick feeling in the mornings was explained when we bought [with much pantomime] a predictor test in Lille and found she was pregnant. After that we just set off later.
    We visited Willem and Janet too and loved the place, though your capital letters on ‘LOTS of work’ are spot-on.

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