bookmark_borderTurning tables

Walnut table
Oak table parts

We have a parallel production of two tables underway in the shop aboard CAS at the moment.

First a large walnut table top to a client’s design, that will sit on a stainless steel frame that he is building himself. Lovely dark walnut, with the knots filled with epoxy, to be primed with injection epoxy and spray-painted with a soft silky transparent two-pack finish to bring out the deep colours of the wood.

As the other end of the spectrum, and the other end of the shop, a white oak table following a 1970’s design by Richard LaTrobe Bateman, inspired by monastery furniture. All angled mortise and tenon joints, bridle-jointed bearers and buttons, then finished with Skylt to look as close as possible to unfinished oak while protecting the light coloured wood.

bookmark_borderCooking up a kitchen


Beech ply has been sawn roughly to size for all of the cupboards.


Oak planks have been planed and jointed for the front of the drawers, then glued up and sanded flat.


The rest of the oak planking has been planed to one of three different thicknesses for the sides of the cupboards. The planks will be kept at the random widths the mill has sawn to, and we’ll be running them through the shaper this week to give them a tongue and a groove.

Now we’re waiting for Hakvoort to deliver the stainless steel rolling tables so that we can assemble and finish the rolling kitchen.

Het berkenmultiplex is gezaagd, met overmaat, voor de kasten. Eiken planken zijn geschaafd voor de ladefronten, gelijmd en vlak geschuurd. De rest van het eiken is ook geschaafd naar drie verschillende diktes en krijgt deze week mes en groef. We werken met de vallende breedtes die de planken al hebben.

Nu wachten we op de rollende rvs werktafels van Hakvoort.