Twenty-two years ago we bought Op Hoop van Zegen. Amongst other things we inherited two hooks on a chain, we later learned that these were for lifting drums. 

Now with the crane on the workshop spits up and running we were able to use these hooks while emptying the hold. 

Seven windows

The lovely little luxe motor ‘Gudrun’ has  six windows in the rear cabin. 
Each barge has it’s own details and solutions so to avoid making mistakes before starting to saw the expensive Guariuba for these opening windows I will make a seventh one from bits of pine. 

Oak construction


Though the method of construction is the same, the result is surprisingly different, there being something about a piece of furniture made from solid wood that a plywood piece just doesn’t have. The work has to be done very precisely, which is why Claudia is working on this with her Festool tools and I am aboard a barge.